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Mountain Bikes were created for off-road cycling like dirt paths, steep coulees and other unpaved paths. A Mountain Bike needs to be able to withstand the stresses of off-road rides so the wheels are wide and knobbly to provide good traction. Front and rear suspension is essential in providing comfort for the rider. Some mountain bikes are also fitted with bar ends on the handlebars to give extra leverage for hill-climbing.

There are a variety of mountain bikes you can pick from, we encourage you to come into Ascent and talk with our trained staff about what would be the perfect fit for you, and how you ride. Some types of mountain bikes you may be interested in are:


Norco 29erIf you’re conducting research on what Bike to purchase, you may have heard of the 29er or 29” bicycle. Don’t be alarmed if you are not familiar with this term and, there’s no reason to be afraid of these big wheeled fiends. 29er have been around for a number of years, but their popularity in the past few years has exploded. 29er are simply what they say they are - a Bike with a  29” wheel diameter opposed to the more familiar 26” wheels commonly found on Mountain Bikes. The benefits to riding on a larger wheel diameter are many; you’ll have less rolling friction, you’ll find them very comfortable and you’ll experience a smoother ride. Because of the 29er’s longer wheel base, you’ll have a lot more traction that will prove helpful on those stubborn climbs. At Ascent Cycle we often recommend these bikes for taller riders as they offer a more proportional fit than a 26” wheel.



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