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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I pay to service my bike when I can do it myself?

  • Since you have made an investment into buying a Bike, it only makes sense to keep it performing the way it should. That can only be done with regular and professional servicing. Service is much more than just oiling the chain. By servicing your Bike:
        •  It ensures safety for you as the rider.
        •  It prolongs the life of your Bike.
        •  It performs better and provides you with a smoother more comfortable.
    Dave at Ascent Cycle is the service wizard and has extensive knowledge and training in Bike repair and maintenance. We encourage you to give him and his service department team a call to discuss the best maintenance for your Bike and riding style. Service is an investment that will pay off year after year.

What can I do to enhance my riding performance?

  • Most riders, after they have a few kilometres on their bike for the season, bike and are looking for ways to enhance your performance. Besides ensuring you have a bike that fits you perfectly, and is properly serviced, you may want to drop by Ascent and check out some products that can provide just a bit more boost. Since the clothing you wear when riding can help or hinder your energy usage, you’ve got to drop by and feel the fabric  of our jerseys, especially the PEARL iZUMi. Jerseys offers better temperature control and, ones like the PEARL iZUMi, can save you 40 watts (watts = energy). Specialty cycle clothing is super thin with aerodynamic wicking. Matched with properly fitting shorts and a Gortex-style jacket, then, the wind and rain will not impede your ride or comfort.  Also, don’t discount a good pair of shoes,  clipless or pedal, in how you and your bike perform. Of course we have a great stock of jells, electrolytes and carbs to keep you from bonking.  You don’t need to have a $3,000 set of wheels to take your performance to the max. With a little bit of help you can improve that performance and enjoy the ride even more. I invite you to drop by my store and talk with our trained staff about improving your performance. Ascent is Lethbridge’s only year-round Bike shop.Ascent is Lethbridge’s only year-round Bike shop.

I bought a part on the Internet will you put it on my Bike?

  • Yes, but we do need to warn people about purchasing Bikes and parts on the Internet. First if you buy a Bike online it may not be the exact size for you and then you run into issues of returning it, shipping costs, damage during shipping etc. Second, if you buy a part we will install it onto your Bike but we can not guarantee the part warranty as well as it may impact the overall warranty of your Bike. We find that many of our regular customers know we can offer them very competitive pricing when it comes to Bikes and parts but occasionally someone will bring a part in for us to install. At first blush the pricing may look cheaper than what we would charge them, but once they factor in shipping, duty and exchange then often our prices are less. And, if the part they ordered doesn't fit their Bike then they have additional return costs. We are a locally owned and operated Bike shop that gives back to the community in multiple ways and we hope you will consider "buying local".

My backside hurts after an hour on the bike, is there any help?

  • If you’re planning to do much riding, especially in a single day, you need to get your backside in shape. But sometimes the seat you have just doesn’t work for you. Don’t accept the pain and grief that comes with a seat that seems to do nasty things to your tush, try adjusting the seat – up, down, back, forth, going by slight degrees. If it still isn’t working for you after lots of k’s and plenty of adjustments, don’t just suffer – consider another seat. Ascent has all kinds of seats for all kinds of.... backsides. Finding that PERFECT seat is a marvelous thing

I heard that a helmet doesn't last forever is that true?

  •  Yes!. You are not alone, many people don't realize that the integrity of a helmet is lost over time and sun exposure. Safety reports indicate that a helmet should be replaced every two years.


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